Tela Hansom-Pitt

I would like to thank Joan Westpy for once again coming through for the Association of Public Television Stations!

Last month we held our annual Public Media Summit where we had over 250 decision makers come together to explore all the issues vital to the future and mission of public service media. Because of Joan’s hard work creating our badges and bags for the Summit – along with managing the creation of our “Oscar Theme” decorated Exhibition Hall, we were able to WOW our participants!

Prior to the conference, when deadlines seemed to pass us by without notice, it was Joan who stayed on top of things with calls, emails and reminders of when deliverables were due to her. She took ownership of our event as if it were her own ensuring that we met timely deadlines so our materials would be produced on time.

Thank you Joan for all you do before, during and after our event to ensure a successful event!

We look forward to next year.