November Promotion Ideas


This month-long campaign encourages men to grow mustaches in a fun yet poignant effort to raise funds to support the battle against prostate cancer and other cancers that impact men ( Businesses in the men’s grooming niche can use the initiative as a promotional platform, providing branded merchandise like mustache-shaped key chains and bottle openers to customers who spend a certain amount during November.

National Inspirational Role Models Month

Youth sports leagues, the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, and nonprofit organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters of America can use this month to show appreciation to the volunteers who act as positive mentors in the lives of children. Pitch travel tumblers, car chargers and power banks.

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

White ribbon pins, T-shirts with anti smoking messages and awareness bracelets are a few of the items schools, hospitals, health-care providers and private businesses can use to promote smoking cessation/ never-starting, survivor solidarity, early detection and the need for research (

Nov. 3 Public Television Debuts

In 1969, a string of local educational television channels united under the banner of the Public Broadcasting System. Today, there are more than 350 PBS stations. This anniversary can be a launching point for local stations to run fundraising drives.
Provide items stations can send to donors along with a thank-you letter. Think calendars and bumper stickers.

Nov. 8 General Election Day

Voter turnout swells in presidential election years. Help candidates in local, state and federal elections keep their names top-of-mind with constituents by providing stickers, yard signs, shirts, pins and more.

Nov. 14-18 American Education Week

Schools and parent-teacher organizations can run fundraisers to support educational and extracurricular activities during this week that spotlights the importance of providing every child in America with a quality public education. Fuel the fundraising with branded products supporters can purchase, including sport bottles, stadium seat cushions, spirit blankets, car magnets, rally towels and more.

Nov. 15 America Recycles Day

Help eco-focused nonprofits and recycling centers promote recycling with direct-mail campaigns that include products like planter sets and tote bags made from organic cotton (

Nov. 26 Small Business Saturday

On this day for celebrating and supporting small businesses, help local retailers thank their customers with useful products that appeal to patrons and connect with what the businesses are all about. For example, a music store can give out logo-ed guitar picks.

Nov. 30 Computer Security Day

More than 1,500 companies participate in this annual observance, which reminds people to protect their computers from hackers, identity thieves and viruses. Your clients can help encourage safe online practices by giving employees swag that cleverly emphasizes the point. Think screen cleaners or hand sanitizers that remind workers to surf the Web safely so their computers stay “clean” of spyware.