July Promotion Ideas

National Park & Recreation Month

Retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers in the outdoors industry can capitalize on this month-long appreciation initiative for parks and recreation (www.nrpa.org/july). Consider products like sunscreen, bug spray, sport bottles, fishing hats and more.

National Hot Dog Month

July is a time for celebrating America’s most cherished tube meat (www. hot-dog.org). Get in on the fun by partnering with eateries, hot dog brands and major/minor league baseball teams that run hot dog-themed promotions. Think aprons, bibs, T-shirts and complementary cookout items, such as can coolers and bottle openers.

Women’s Motorcycle Month

More women than ever before are riding motorcycles, creating a growing market niche for motorcycle makers and companies that sell bike-related apparel and accessories. Help such businesses court the business of female riders during promotions that include products like logoed kickstand plates, calendars and motorcycle flagpole mounts with branded flags.

National Ice Cream Month

Cone or cup, hard or soft serve, it doesn’t matter: Americans love their ice cream. About 90% of the population eats the rich dairy treat, and summer is when consumption spikes. Scoopers, baseball helmet ice cream bowls and cone-shaped magnets and stress relievers are a few items that will be a hit at company ice cream socials and cookouts.

July 16-17 Celebration of the Horse

Held on the third weekend of July, this initiative calls attention to the human/equine bond and how that relationship can positively impact people. Team-up with riding centers that provide equine therapy and help them run a direct mail campaign that targets health organizations with clientele who could benefit from such therapy.

July 18-21 Republican National Convention/ July 25-28 Democratic National Convention

Presidential election years help drive sales of branded merchandise as politicians vying for local, state and federal office invest heavily in promotions, knowing that voter turnout will be comparatively high. Tap into the sales potential of this push for office by providing candidates with items like bumper stickers, magnetic car signs, yard signs, buttons, paddle fans, balloons and pens.

July 21-24 Comic-Con International

Nearly 115,000 people and 9,000 exhibitors participate in this San Diego-based annual convention, which is one of the world’s largest showcases of comic art, artists and products (www.comic-con. org). Provide exhibiting comic book publishers with T-shirts, flat-bill hats, hooded sweatshirts and bags that bear popular characters and/or company branding.

July 22 Rat-Catchers Day

This day recognizes the hardworking professionals who rid homes and buildings of disease-carrying rats. Help extermination businesses capitalize on this by running promotional campaigns that educate prospects about their services. Products could include refrigerator magnets and fly swatters.

July 24 National Drive- Thru Day

Food chains that offer drive-through service can do promotions that show appreciation to their motorist customers. Provide signage that promotes specials the eateries will offer on this day. Also, consider branded giveaways that drive-through customers get along with their meal, fun items like crayons and light-up wristbands for kids, or stress relievers shaped like fries and hamburgers.