January Promotion Ideas

National Blood Donor Month

Since 1970, National Blood Donor Month has been observed in January with the goal of increasing blood and platelet donations during winter – traditionally a difficult time to collect enough blood to meet patient needs. Corporations, churches, community centers and other organizations often host blood drives to help generate donations. Help these organizations stimulate participation by promising giveaways to donors. Items can include stylus pens, cinch packs, flying discs, keychains and more.

National Glaucoma Awareness Month

More than 3 million Americans suffer from this sight-robbing disease. Propel the glaucoma awareness initiatives of nonprofits and health-care providers with items like T-shirts, USB drives, stickers, sunglasses, branded information booklets and more.

National Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention Month>/h3>
Help human rights organizations and other nonprofits focused on preventing slavery and human trafficking raise awareness during this month-long initiative. Eco-friendly totes and awareness bracelets are just a couple items that can help promote the humanitarian cause.

Jan. 2 National Science Fiction Day

Publishers of science fiction novels and comic books should use this delightfully quirky “holiday” as a promotional springboard into 2017. Think of creative ways promotional products can help bolster the marketing of new works from these publishers’ authors. For instance, print limited-edition T-shirts related to new books and have publishers sell/give away the tees for a defined period of time beginning on Science Fiction Day. The exclusivity and “act now” factors could generate demand.

Jan. 7 National Bobblehead Day

Yes – this is a thing. Why? Because, as the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame & Museum points out, “bobbleheads are awesome.” Provide bobbleheads for giveaways at the games of minor league basketball and hockey teams.

Jan. 12 National Pharmacist Day

Partner with pharmacies and provide them with appreciation gifts for their dedicated pharmacists. Consider pitching mugs with messaging graphics that pharmacists would find humorous.

Jan. 19 National Popcorn Day

Whether salted and buttered, carameled or kettle-corned, popcorn is a snack enjoyed by millions. This day celebrates that fact – and gives your customers an opportunity to put themselves top-of-mind with their clients as 2017 kicks into gear. Suggest your customers send their key clients a branded popcorn tin along with a personalized note.

Jan. 23 National Pie Day

Advise bakeries and grocery stores to run pie specials on this day that champions the delicious baked creation that dates back until at least ancient Egypt. Provide signage, napkins, totes, coffee sleeves and other products to help propel the promotion and extend its life.

Jan. 24 Beer Can Appreciation Day

This sudsy holiday commemorates the first beer cans going on sale back in 1935. Bars and brewers can capitalize with special promotions. Provide such clients with coasters, bar towels and even novelty hats that hold beer cans.

Jan. 29 National Puzzle Day

Creative distributors can turn the day into a self-promotion opportunity. Send clients and prospects a branded puzzle cube with a message tied to the idea that you can help them “solve the puzzle” of their marketing challenges.