August Promotion Ideas

State Fairs

State and county fairs abound throughout the country in August. Nebraska, Oregon, Colorado, New York and Alaska are just some of the states holding fairs. Find vendors and businesses who’ll be exhibiting, and then provide them with sunblock, sunglasses, can coolers, flying discs and other fair-appropriate giveaways.

National Golf Month

Caps, divot tools, gloves, can coolers, moisture- wicking polo shirts – those are just a few of the products that are excellent for this month’s golf fundraisers and corporate outings. Also, talk to contacts at golf courses and driving ranges about special promotions they might be running. Then, make creative suggestions that advance the campaigns.

National Eye Exam Month

Work with eye doctors, eyeglasses retailers and glasses brands. Consider creating a direct-mail campaign that involves your customers reminding their clients that it may be time to get their eyes checked. Include items like magnets, calendars and a personalized letter that briefly details the importance of routine eye exams.

National Immunization Awareness Month

Vaccinations play an important role in preventing life-threatening diseases. Help doctors’ offices and public health organizations promote vaccinations with products like hand sanitizers and immunization guides/record keepers.

World Lung Cancer Day Aug. 1

Connect with nonprofits, survivors groups and heath networks that will be running events and initiatives to support, encourage and commemorate people affected by lung cancer. Think totes, necklaces, bracelets, awareness pins and more.

National Mustard Day Aug. 6

This day is for championing what enthusiasts say is the “king of condiments.” Clients can include mustard brands, eateries, minor league baseball clubs that want to do wacky mustard-and-hot dog- themed promotions, and the National Mustard Museum (, which holds an event that draws an estimated 6,000 people. Products: Napkins, aprons, spoons and even custom stuffed toys that look like smiling mustard bottles.

Vinyl Record Day Aug. 12

Help record stores and record labels promote vinyl records and the tremendous influence they’ve had on culture. Consider contacting organizers at to find out about specific events in your area. Products could include T-shirts, stickers, signage and more.

National Aviation Week Aug. 15-21

Provide toy glider planes, drones, pilot wing pins and more to airports and air museums hosting special events during this celebration of flight, which occurs annually the week of Orville Wright’s birthday (Aug. 19).

National Roller Coaster Day Aug. 16

Partner with amusement parks for special promotions tied to this lauding of the ultimate thrill ride ( Parks can give free limited-edition T-shirts, bearing the image of their top coasters, to the first 500 guests. Such items can become collectibles, helping promote the park for years to come.

National Dog Day Aug. 31

People pamper their pooches like never before, making this day an excellent promotional opportunity for groomers, pet stores, kennels and pet resorts ( Provide such clients with pet brushes, paw wipes, collapsible pet bowls, collars and more